Tuesday, January 13, 2009

PS3 triggers, and 360 Netflix

First of all, if you hate the ridiculously slippery PS3 Quadripletuple Shock triggers as much as I do, then visit Amazon and get a set of these. While they are aesthetically clumsy, they fix Sony's design flaw on the stock triggers. They snap right on, and are an instant improvement.

As for Netflix on the 360, the concept is fantastic so far: select a bunch of movies and watch them online with the 360. Discs not needed. Unfortunately, the entirety of their "flix" aren't available for this service. It seems to concentrate on some classics along with semi-recent films within the last few years, but not necessarily this year or yesteryear. But in any case, there's enough stuff on there for me to seriously consider staying on.

My test run is on Spidey 3 right now, and it's performing without hiccups.


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