Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Back to DOA4 with the DOA4 official Arcade Stick

Honestly, I only played DOA4 a couple of times since it was bought for me. I just didn't like the controls. The game seemed pretty cool, but when it comes to fighters, I always do better with an Arcade Stick.

So I figured I'd go out and buy one yesterday. $60 at first seemed steep at first, but then realizing that a regular controller is $50, and other Arcade sticks can be upwards of a couple hundred dollars, it's actually a good deal.

First of all, it isn't wireless. That's good, because I really didn't want it to be, since the nature of the stick is to be stationary. Second, rotation of the stick is square (instead of round). I don't normally like this, because the last arcade sticks I had were like this, and it made XM VS SF difficult sometimes. But for DOA4, those diagonals are important, so the square base is welcome. We'll see how I fair with SF2 when it comes out on XBL. Anyway, the controller doesn't seem to be useful for any other game. I guess I could try Tiger Woods, but I would have to forget about the shape stick. Analog-sticking is important now, so I figure it will have to stick with Fighters and Arcade games.

I wasn't too excited about DOA4 before, but using the Arcade stick makes the game a lot easier. The buttons are labeled. All fingers can be on the main four buttons. The square rotation actually helped me learn more of the available moves as well.

For me, the Arcade stick is a requirement. I probably won't be buying a 2nd until I know someone else I play with will want to use it. There should be other games it is compatible with as well. But now I can happily play a newer fighter in comfort, I'm a happy camper.

I even got Nicole finally, and she "beats down" just like a Spartan should.