Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fanboys are insane...

Old, but the comments are ridiculous:
Ditto PS2 vs Xbox Side By Side

PS2 complaint letter to Sony

This person should be glad he/she didn't buy a PS2

Biased links for me to put here, I know. But most of what I come across is a plethora uneducated ranting in CAPS. It seems to be that the general agreement (whether admitted or not) is that the Xbox has better graphics but a huge controller (although that was rectified) and the PS2 has more games. I found a slew of complaints that Xbox games were too difficult, therefore it sucks. Other than games, I haven't seen any reason why someone actually thinks the PS2 is a better machine besides number of games and a smaller controller.

Logic doesn't exist on the internet, decidedly. If you own the system, it's better I guess. Since I own all three, what does that mean about my opinion? Should I be saying all three are equal? Just kidding.