Thursday, January 26, 2006

What I would like to see on Xbox Live

I love content. But at the moment it seems that the Microsoft Marketplace is leaving me anticipating something all the time. This is good from a certain point of view, but bad from others.

They need more Arcade games. Obviously, that will happen. The select seems a little short-handed at the moment, but I'm sure developers are still jumping on the bandwagon and well...developing! I really wish there was more of a selection of say...100 games at the moment. That would really kick up the entertainment value of the Xbox 360. It is really a great medium to restore oldies to the market, especially in a way that is legal. Not every gamer knows about emulators, so XBLA can provide them with ways to play old games. Hopefully we'll even see more advanced titles. Maybe even games from PSX, since I'm sure Sony doesn't have the exclusive rights to a lot of those old third party games any more.

Anyway, in short, they need to keep the content flowing. Keeping your customers in anticipation is good, but not everyone is so patient. If a slew of new media came say, every Friday, Microsoft could really twist the market in their favor. However, I'd be surprised if Sony doesn't try something similar.

I downloaded the Full Auto demo last night; the game seems pretty slick. Adjusting to such a "different" control scheme will take some getting used to. Driving and shooting is something I'm not used to yet, as I'm sure others aren't. It was one thing with the PSX and Twisted Metal, but this game really does add a Burnout feel to the situation which changes it up considerably. The only problem I have is that after you finish your game, it kicks you out of the demo and you have to reload it to play it again. Talk about annoying. That doesn't help gamers get addicted to the demo so they buy the game.

Moving on, I'm starting to wonder if they will have to start organizing content better. Obviously, trailers don't need to be there forever and can be replaced with current ones. But games on XBLA should be archived so even someone who is a late-comer to the 360 realm can catch up to their friends.

I'm positive we'll see updates and changes as necessary. I think part of the problem with how Microsoft pushed the 360 is that they are letting the excitement dwindle a bit. Currently, I'm sure they could get enough content to keep it fresh. Let's see it Microsoft.