Thursday, February 09, 2006

"l33t" speak ruining English literacy?

I'm personally growing tired of the persistence of forced misspellings of our language due to combination of laziness, gaming, and the internet.

Cell phone texting gets bad enough, but when it translates over to online interaction, it simply gets worse. Will children of the future not know how to spell correctly? Will more teachers have to mark down "n00b" as an incorrect antonym for pro?

What kids and adults are not realizing is purposely destroying the English language in relation to gaming can only result in problems in the future. Video games are a scapegoat for many things; don't fuel the fire.

If you "l33t" speak, do yourself and others a favor by spelling correctly. Incorrect punctuation (or lack thereof) is bad enough, but at least make what you say readable. You go to school for a reason; pretending you are doing anyone a favor with rebelling against literacy is a mistake on your part.