Friday, February 24, 2006

PS3 to repeat the scam of the PS2?

PS2 doesn't live up to hype

PS2 doesn't compare to other consoles' flagship titles

Can't recommend the PS2 yet...

Looking back over history, I recently can't help but wonder if history will repeat itself. Around the Xbox 360's launch, there was an attempted comparison with the Dreamcast, even though everyone knows Microsoft as a company is sitting much prettier than Sega was. Now, I'm failing to see a comparison between the Dreamcast vs PS2 to the 360 vs PS3. I've seen comments of gamers using "Emotion Engine" referencing jokes, but no complete articles. I'm sure one exists somewhere, but here is a brief one from me.

According to the first linked article, the PS2 was a disappointment to those who were expecting a "Revolution". I assume that means a new graphical wave of excitement that completely blows away all competition thanks to the 33% faster processor, the Emotion Engine, and four times the onboard memory. That actually didn't happen until several years later (God of War, Resident Evil 4, Gran Turismo 4), but it was much too late as we have seen better graphics from the Gamecube and the Xbox. Yet Sony's amazing marketing team has continually been able to scam the world into thinking that the PS2 has essentially been the only worthwhile console for the last 5 years. Even more interesting is that developers have said that the PS2 has been the most difficult console to develop for, yet the PS2 has the largest catalog of games.

So here comes the Xbox 360 attempting to succeed where the Dreamcast failed. Microsoft is a stronger company than Sega was, yet Sony is pulling the exact same marketing moves they did with the disappointing PS2. They are touting minor spec improvements, trashing-talking the competition, and riding on their high horse. And that horse's name is Hype-Train, which may still be running strong enough to beat the competition without being tangible.

But this is what happened with the PS2. Sony had us so utterly convinced that the Dreamcast was a waste of time compared to the PS2 because the PS2 would be so much more graphically intense. And it wasn't. How can this not perpetuate the idea that Sony is simply running the same scam with its next gen console? Can we fall vicitim to their unreliable claims for yet, another console generation? Although the competition is closer (launch-wise) and stronger than before, will their scam-tactics continue their hold over the gaming world?

Now shift focus to a new medium to fuel the chaos: the internet. More gamers and consumers are surfing through the waves of the internet now than back in the launch days of the PS2 and Dreamcast. Now gamers can get instant opinions (professional and non), technical information, and screenshots without leaving their homes. In relation to the issue at hand, the battle seems somewhat even between the PS3 and 360 fanboys, although the PS3 has the edge because no one has seen/played an actual unit allowing for exuberant speculation (thus feeding Hype-Train). Has this "new" leverage (the internet) just expanded the power of Sony's ill-hype-will?

Never forget that you have a decision whether or not to believe claims. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I'm not telling anyone to not go for a PS3, but be sure to experience the console upfront before Sony "pwns" you again for another several years because you believe everything they claim.