Friday, March 10, 2006

Gaming slump

I think I'm actually burning out on gaming. The biggest problem is I have several games that I haven't even had a chance to play through yet, and I'm waiting for a few of the upcoming titles. Maybe I just need to take a break from racing, FPS, and oldschool titles for a while, and pick up an RPG. I need to finish Xenosaga II, but how the game is setup drives me nuts (not to mention it's on PS2). The story is great, but the gameplay is so obnoxious I'm considering cheating to get through some of the more annoying parts. I don't like cheating. Maybe FFXII will be a good recovery from Xeno's disappointment.

There wasn't really a chance for me to game last night (I wanted to continue my career on Burnout that game), but I was busy dissecting my "new" laptop so I could replace a hinge and solder in a new DC power jack. Furthermore, I'm distracted by the laptop since its main purpose is to be my "gaming" laptop. The couple of PC games I play and all the emulators I use hook up well to the 51" TV. AVP2 on the big screen is awesome, I just wish it had better gamepad support (analog functions aren't working for some reason). I still froth at the thought of AVP3 hitting the Xbox 360. It won't happen...but let me dream!