Sunday, July 29, 2007

Revisiting Gears of War

An XBL friend invited me to play Gears tonight, and I figured, "Why not?" I expected to get my ass handed to me since I never really got into multiplayer. I'll tell you one thing, going from Halo 2 directly into Gears is like slowing down time. The pacing is so much different, and without respawns it's difficult to care once you're dead. Thankfully the controls only took me 3 rounds to re-figure out.

I remember the shotgun being midrange and extremely powerful. This wasn't needed to be toned down a bit. Epic tried to fix it, I guess. Now the shotgun is near worthless, unless absolute point blank. It's really annoying. F.E.A.R is the only shooter I've played where the shotgun does what you expect...well...a little beyond, but it's as effective as it should be.

Apparently, I've missed out on all the glitching, liking shooting during a barrel roll, and climbing up to places that weren't meant to be climbed. It's really frustrating. I shot a high-ground sniper who had glitched to a ledge. He was downed, but he recovered while I was reloading. I kept shooting, even with a shotgun, and he still managed to kill me. That was enough for me.

It makes me wonder what kind of annoying glitches will be found in Halo 3. And how quickly? Will Bungie repair them this time? I hope so.


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