Sunday, August 12, 2007

Return from the anti-matrix

I guess I forgot to post that I was going on vacation last week. Well, I did...and I disconnected from the electronic part of life. My friend Ashlie and I went to Idaho to get away from the daily grind and reduce our electronic reliance for a while. Unlike 4 years ago, my phone actually works up there now, but we were staying in a 100+ year old cabin in a low populated area. The quiet was nice.

Yet, we sure did bring Guitar Hero. LOL I will say this; for a girl who had no interest in video games other than maybe FFX, Guitar Hero sure did quickly become a favorite pastime for her. She never gets an opportunity to play it, so our 4 day vacation seemed like a good time to go for it. We even took a hack at a hacked copy. "Hot for Teacher" kicked my ass unapologetically.

I'm back looks like I've missed a lot. I'll probably have a to do a dozen "quickie catchups" like usual, but it seems like the "next gen" world is on the verge of blowing into the norm with the latest demoes. See you soon!


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