Sunday, September 28, 2008

New Old Games; bought a PS3 game; 360 fix

My saving-money-by-not-going-out-as-much plan has the nice side-effect of giving me more gaming time. I'm hoping to play the hell out of what I have and boost my achievement scores a bit. Currently, I'm finally playing through Lego Star Wars.

Gamestops 3-for-2 used game deal was too good for me to pass up. I picked up Stranglehold and Condemned 2. Unfortunately, they didn't have Orange Box for 360, so I went with Heavenly Sword. It was a bit odd; the last PS3 game I bought was Ninja Gaiden Sigma, I believe. After replaying the demo with a reduced fanboy bias, I think it will be a decent change of pace.

I also purchased a RROD'd 360 from ebay for kicks. The seller claimed it had broken traces from when the x-clamp trick was performed on it. My soldering iron is worn out, but I figure it'd be fun to try to fix in my spare time.

A trick using a single strand of speaker wire worked wonders since I didn't have any 30awg wire. It's a good thing, too; I had broken a couple more traces trying to solder wire on to the traces. The trace-patching worked, but it RROD after 20 minutes of being on. I might need to seal up those traces, because I'm sure the heat is undoing my soldering job.

Unfortunately, something is wrong with the DVD drive and it won't eject (or the 360 thinks it's permanently ejecting). That's something I can work on later.

I'm glad that the 360 isn't difficult to disassemble/reassemble. The original Xbox was easy to work with as well. The fat PS2's were really obnoxious to work on, with parts that intertwined and screws everywhere. The slims were nice and easy, although really hard to mod because of the small circuitry (my hard drive addition was a failure =\).

No focus today, just talking about what's going on. I'll do some more late-to-the-party reviews if I have time.


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