Monday, September 29, 2008

During Heavenly Sword: Why are PSN updates slow in general?

Being a bit worn on "completing" Lego Star Wars II, I decided to give Heavenly Sword a whirl. I just got my $15 Nyko Zero Wireless controller from Amazon, so I want to try it as well. On that subject, the controller is very 360-esque

And yet again, I'm reminded why I abhor using the PS3. There's an update for the game I need before I can play it. If this was the 360, this would have been done in a minute. On PSN, times it by 5 or more. PSN may be monetarily free, but it sure makes you pay in time.

5 minutes later....."An error occurred during the download operation". Great.

I'm disabling the network connection from now on. And then....."Installing Game Data"

So...sometimes people like to play video games. Not watch updates and installs all day.

And the opening VERY pixelated and grainy. What happened to all that uncompressed Blu-ray goodness? Framerate....not so good. Some of the counter-kills are cool at least.


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